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Write an essay on "Technical Education in Nepal" || Essay on Technical Education in Nepal

Write an essay on "Technical Education in Nepal"

Write an essay on "Technical Education in Nepal"

The term "Technical Education" comprises the two words "Technical" and "Education". Technical word has come from the noun "Technique" which means skills needed for practical job or connected with practical use. The word "Education" means knowledge or to make someone able in doing something very good. Technical Education means, knowledge or education given practically to make someone able to do the job skillfully, or make people work with machine or tools. So technical knowledge is making people able to work with machine, use tools and instruments. It is the process of making the humans fit to work with machine, tools, instruments etc. The combination of human and machine helps to bring economic prosperity and progress in any country.


Nepal is one of the developing countries in the world. To bring this nation at the level of perfection in terms of economy and technology, technical education is must. In each and every sector, technology is used, so technical man power is needed. Many structures, factories, companies, industries need technical man power and technical persons are created through Technical Education. Our country is agricultural country, and technology can aid a lot of support in this sector. To manage man power in these fields more and more technical persons are needed. The increasing demand of technical persons can be fulfilled producing technical persons through technical educational institutions. Any county can't step ahead in lack of technical persons. Such is the case in our country to. If our country can't produce technical man power, we must import such people from other countries and it is too costly to import such persons from other countries. The better solution is produce such people here in own country.


Technology has great effects on the people of Nepal because through media, they see other country being developed because of their efforts and investment in technology and technical education. It has a great influence on people because people of advanced countries have been living luxurious life style. If people are back stopped with technology, and technical education, evry nation will certainly develop. If people start working with machine and eqipments they produce much more, and even the country wil be able to export to other countries increasing national income.

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